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Madsen Steel Wire Purchases New Schlatter MG950

Madsen Steel Wire Purchases New Schlatter MG950

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At Madsen Steel Wire, we are the Fastest Producer of the Highest Quality wire mesh, grids, and shelves on the market. To support this goal, we have recently invested in a new SCHLATTER MG950 welding system to deliver dimensionally accurate gridwork for diverse applications. This is the only one in the Western Hemisphere!

Madsen Steel Wire is committed to continuous quality improvement which allows us to stay ahead of trends and technology in our industry. The SCHLATTER MG950 welding system has a reputation for:

  • 6,000 Welds per Minute
  • Creating Shorter Lead Times
  • Reducing Down Time
  • Energy Efficient (uses 1/30th of the power from the grid)

The SCHLATTER MG950 can work more hours in the day to get parts completed. All of this translates into benefits for Madsen Steel Wire’s customers, including reduced lead times and higher quality steel wire products that are made in the United States with 100% American-made steel.

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Madsen Steel Wire Acquires New Schlatter Technology